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The time has come!
Riddle & Ravens are doing our first ever rep search! YAY!

With the growth of our brand and the plans I have - I am looking to get some reps for the season, who in exchange for a bundle of products (which we will choose to suit your brand and aesthetic - I believe in people being as passionate about my products as I am!) will post unboxings posts on instagram, spreading awareness of Riddle & Ravens. See below for more details!

Please read the rules below, and what is required of a Raven Rep before applying


What you will receive each month (September to end of November).

✨ A bundle of products, - Possibly a Pin, Bookmark, Sticker and/or print. It really is down to what we think would suit your brand and aesthetic.
✨ A 15% discount code for my website to use during the time you are a rep
✨ A 10% code to share with followers, or for personal use.


What I expect from my Raven Reps

✨ You MUST have a bookstagram and be active in the bookstagram world 

✨ Story unboxing when the items arrive 

✨ Atleast 1 feed post a week of an item - clearly displayed and tagging @riddleandravens in the picture itself (not just in the comments section)
✨ Atleast 1 story share a week of an item/items - linking back to my page and website 

✨ Your rep code needs to be in your bio for the duration that you are a rep
✨ Please think carefully if you will have the time to do this - I understand people have busy lives but failure to meet these requirement will result in termination of your status of Raven Rep - and wasted time on both parts.
Please only apply if you feel you can keep up with this :)


✨ Be following @Riddleandravens on instagram
✨ Post a collage or slideshow of a few of your favourite current photo posts you've made along with the rep search graphic. If it is a slideshow, our rep graphic must be the 1st slide.
✨ Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to be a Raven rep!
✨ Tag me (@riddleandravens) in the photo (Important: use the "tag" feature on the picture itself and don't just @ us in the comments - the new instagram algorhythmns mean we may not see posts that are just @ - it must be tagged in the pic itself.) and include #RavenRepSearch in your caption!

✨ Share to your stories


Tips for entering:

- Your follower count isn't something that is a big deal - engagement and proactive attitude is far more important.
- The ability to post clear pictures of products is very important - you are showcasing a brand after all. So please consider this in your entry.
- Please only enter if you genuinely like my designs and want to be a rep for Riddle & Ravens - we are a small growing business and will be able to tell we aren't a good fit.


Terms and conditions: 

- This rep search is open WORLDWIDE 
- It will end on 30th July 2021 with aim to have reps chosen and prepared in August for a September start.
- We reserve the right to cancel your rep status if - 

1. You aren't holding up your end of the deal.  (Outlined in "what we expect from our Raven Reps" above.
2. You are involved in any form of bullying/abuse/racist and or disciminatory behaviour towards anyone else, or if you are associated with such things. Good vibes only here guys!

Good luck and may the odds be in your favour! 
I am so excited to see your entries and can't wait to start this adventure! 

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