About The Raven Club


Check out our info below to find out all about what it means to be "A Raven"

What IS  "The Raven Club"?
The Raven club is an online bookish community, a place for literature lovers to hang out and discover new territories. While having a love for books is no secret (and we encourage you to shout it from the rooftops!), this is a little part of the web which allows you to discover what Riddle & Ravens has to offer, with the perks of being a member. It's also a place to hang out and be a part of a community, all are welcome here - and the one thing we all have in common? Our love of books.

How do I become a member?
If you're here, then that means you must be signed up to our Raven Mail newsletter, which means you are a member - and that's it. No catch. No hidden charges. You're in! To continue to be a member, you just have to stay subscribed  -  it's that easy!


You mentioned discount ?
  I sure did. Not only will there be discounts and special offers from time to time exclusive to Raven Club members, but also, with your first purchase as a Raven Club member over £30 GBP (before shipping), you'll get a stunning Raven (membership) card (trust us, it's a work of art in itself) to use for future perks.

How does the membership card work?

The membership card is a gift to you with your purchase mentioned above if you are subscribed to our newsletter - however, there are things you can do to get more benefits out of it...
When your Raven Card arrives with your purchase, all you have to do is take a picture and share it on your instagram or facebook account, tagging us @riddleandravens  and you will then get a personal code sent to your inbox to use as your own for the next MONTH for 10% off - on any purchase you make in store.

What happens after that month is up? Well, just use our very instragrammable shiny card again in a post of yours, tag us so we see it, and you'll get a fresh new discount to use!

You'll also get access to secret areas of The Raven Club - to be revealed at a later date!

What else do I get?

  • Early bird access to new products (when applicable)

  • The option to pre-order some products before release date (when applicable)

  • Keep ahead of the loop with the newsletter

  • A forum to get to know other like-minded people

  • A community vibe - discover new up and coming businesses and happenings within the bookish community

  • A seasonal book club to be a part of if you wish

  • Fun competitions and giveaways from time to time exclusive to The Raven Club we wont announce over social media

  • The sheer bad-assery of being able to say you belong to "The Raven Club" and are known as a "Raven" - I mean, that's bragging rights right there for sure!
    It's our way of keeping you with us on our journey. 
    (yeah, there's no shame in admitting that! I'm proud to have the customers I do!), and giving something back at the same time!


  • What if I don't have instagram?
    If you don't have instagram, it'd be difficult to take part in the 10% off scheme - however, if you still want the card, we understand - and it'll be shipped out to you regardless - unfortunately because most of our business operates via instagram, this is a perk for those with an instagram - BUT, there will be other perks available for members to take advantage of in the near future - as previously mentioned, our membership card is our gift to you for spending £15 GBP or over in store.

    If yo
    And there's a password to get in?

  •  There is! Like any true speakeasy - the password will change every so often - so keep an eye on your Raven Mail to see what it is!

    Raven Mail?
    You weren't expecting owls were you? Some send owls, some send pigeons - we send Ravens. Raven mail is our  newsletter to make you aware of new happenings in Riddle & Ravens - all you have to do is stay subscribed to be in the know!

    Can someone else use my instagram discount code?
    Your discount is directly linked to your membership, so unfortunately not, but they are welcome to join for themselves - it's free to join, and if they want the membership card they can get one with their first purchase of  £15 GBP (before shipping) or over

    So we can tell others about the club?
    Of course, just because it's a speakeasy doesn't mean it's a secret, this may be the 20's, but not quite as we know it... ;) All are welcome here, but they must subscribe to the newsletter to get access! 

    You mentioned up and coming businesses?
    Absolutely! Here at The Raven Club, we believe there is room for everyone - there's a lot of big guys in the biz, and that's great, but there's also tons of smaller businesses wanting to get themselves out there and make their dreams a reality. We aim to feature those every so often on our shelves at the bar above. We are here to support each other and be different and let our differences shine. Nobody is you and that is your superpower! If you want to be featured please contact us to discuss this further.

    Why did you decide to do this? 
    Since joining the bookish community I have met some incredible people, all so kind and supportive, and I feel as if we were to ever all meet in real life we'd get on like a house on fire. I've never felt more inspired in my life too - I've discovered more books, some great subscription boxes, and I want to continue to do what I do - bringing the magic of books to life through design. The Raven Club, and Riddle & Ravens for that matter, stands for all things literature, and bringing people together - in recent times the biggest lesson I've learned is we really are stronger together, and I'd love to grow this community in a way that nobody has quite done before.

    What does it mean to be "A Raven" (club member)? 
    The inspiration behind The Raven Club comes from a number of things - from the sense of community on instagram (or shall I say bookstagram) but also, after reading Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows, I love the idea of every person bringing something different to the table, yet everyone working together so well. 
    No prejudice, no assumptions, no discrimination of any sort.
    I've always agreed with the statement "why fit in when you were born to stand out" , and this rings true for us here at The Raven Club, we encourage diversity, talent, business, ambitions, dreams, passion projects and everything in between.

    By being a member you're not only helping a small business to grow, but to keep the things alive that we hold so dear  - Literature and design. Without either of these, Riddle & Ravens wouldn't be possible, and without you guys it wouldn't be so either.

    To be a Raven is to be a lover of all things literature, to be supportive of those around us as friends as well as book-buddies, to  encourage and lift each other up - to be a Raven is to believe in yourself as much as you believe in others.
    Those Authors who wrote your favourite books? They too, had people support them and believed  in themselves at one point to achieve their dreams!
    They too, wrote about friendships, dreams, communities, belonging - and so their influence on us has continued to ripple on and on. And this brings us to the next part...


  • Does The Raven Club have a motto?

  • "In Libras, Libertas" - In books, freedom.


  • And the rules?

  • You must love literature
    Abuse to other members will not be tolerated - we just don't roll that way y'all.
    Abuse to ourselves will not be tolerated - be careful how you talk to yourself, you're listenin'.
    Abuse in general isn't good.
    You must solemnly swear you believe in yourself
    You must have fun, get involved, and read often


  • Disclaimer - while we may post  bookish cocktail recipes sometimes- we in no way encourage underage drinking - where we're from, the legal age is 18 however, we know in some countries the ages vary, so please use your discretion and get permission from an adult if this is so. We take our legalities seriously and while this is a bit of fun,we take no responsibility for those underage outside of the UK having access to such recipes by coming in here without permission of somebody older. If this is you - use your discretion please.