About The Raven Club


So, you're now a member of The Raven Club...

An online bookish speakeasy where everyone is welcome.

From Wizards, Muggles, Dregs and Grishas, to Ravens, Hobbits and Elves...

this place holds no boundaries, no discrimination, no prohibition, we read all books,

and we love all literature. 

The Raven Club is not just a cool place to check out Riddle & Ravens latest projects and merchandise, it's a community, a place of belonging, a place where it's more than just about literature, but about friends.

Check out the info page to find out more about this little community and how to get the most out of it!

Click on our bar shelves to find hidden secrets, great discounts, cool cocktails, books we're reading, and join the forum to talk to other book lovers! 

This place is forever changing, so do keep coming back to see what different things are on our shelves each month, and like any good speakeasy - the password changes, so keep an eye on your Raven Mail newsletters to make sure you know how to get in!

We stay up late! 


Open all hours.