Wizards Chess Collection - Full set

Wizards Chess - do you dare to play?


A game of wizards chess is known to be quite brutal - enthralling, but brutal. Where enchanted chess pieces move when commanded by the player, and when winning "take" the piece by often smashing it to smithereens in a violent way - we're totally up for a game!


These wizards chess inspired bookmarks have a marble chess board design and chess piece illustration featuring the three pieces represented by Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Philosophers (Sorcerer's) stone. The Knight, Bishop and Rook.

Each bookmark has an individual quote relating to wizards chess on the back.

A truly unique collectors item for any fan of the wizarding world that will surely bring back memories of the early books and movies!


400gsm card with a glossy finish to both sides.


Got to have the whole set? We don't blame you!

Treat yourself or a loved one to all three of these bookmarks for £9.99

(usually £3.99 each)


Shipping will still incure at checkout for orders outside of the UK



Wizards Chess Collection - Full set

  • To keep your bookmark in best condition, avoid bending, water or grease. Our bookmarks are designed to live firmly between the pages of your favourite literature, and are made from the same materials - treat with as much care as you do your books, and your bookmark will last and stay vibrant for a long time!

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