The Restricted Section bookmark

When in doubt....go to the library.

Even the resricted section, if need be.


Now we're not saying you have to break the rules, but sometimes, as any Wizard will know, it may be necessary.


The restricted section bookmark shows all those things that are the reason why it's restricted - from the dark magic books, potions that may turn you into a cat, Tom Riddle's diary, Voldemort's wand, the basilisk, even the screaming book as a focal point- all topped off and guarded by Mrs Norris, Filch's cat, and the gates which confine the shelves, and details of the intricate beam work of the ceiling, inspired by the very library at Oxford University which was used during filming for the Harry Potter series.


What would  you enter the restricted section for?


✨ Rose gold foiling to front

✨ Thick 700gsm card with silk finish to front

✨ Starry night sky background print to front and back

✨ Available for individual purchase at £4.99 or as a set of all four "Darker Side of Hogwarts" bookmarks at £16.99

The Restricted Section bookmark

  • Avoid getting your bookmark wet, do not bend or be too rough - as thick as these babies are, they aren't invincible (as much as we wish they were!)
    While lamination has been put over the foil, over time some surface scratches to foil may occur due to wear and tear, but follow the above and your bookmarks will stay in tip top condition for a long time! 

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