The Horcrux Collection

Every fan of the boy who lived has preferential house... or do they?

Perhaps you are still waiting to be sorted into yours...or maybe you simply just want to feel safer when it comes to defeating he-who-must-not-be-named... just have to have all of them (we can't blame you - they look so pretty together!) , whatever your reasoning...take advantage of our opening promotion of all 4 Horcrux inspired bookmarks for just £12.99! 


The perfect gift for any book lover or fan of the wizarding world, our Horcrux collection depicts double sided designs inspired by each Hogwarts house and horcrux, intricate detail and a bookish quote fitting for each on the back. All printed on 400gsm silk finish card.


(Shipping will still apply at checkout for outside of the UK!)

Offer only applies to purchase of all 4 bookmarks in a single transaction

The Horcrux Collection

  • To keep your bookmark in best condition, avoid bending, water or grease. Our bookmarks are designed to live firmly between the pages of your favourite literature, and are made from the same materials - treat with as much care as you do your books, and your bookmark will last and stay vibrant for a long time!

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