The Fantasy Set - Pin & Bookmark





The library collection pays tribute to all things bookish -

From different genres to the aesthetic of books themselves.
Book spines, book stacks and book shelves all captured in one collection!


This set combines both the FANTASY BOOKSTACK PIN and the FANTASY SHELFIE BOOKMARK together as a set, making an amazing gift for the fantasy reader in your life!

The Fantasy Shelfie bookmark

DOUBLE SIDED with a purpose to EACH side -


One side is inspired by a pretty book spine - very much like those antique books you find adorning the shelves of old libraries, stateley homes and bookstores.

This also DOUBLES UP as a display card for the bookstack pin!


The other side is the "shelfie" side -

A Fantasy reader's dream book shelf! 
From childhood favourites to adult literature - the books and authors included are : Peter Pan, The Cruel Prince, The Hobbit, Caraval, The Golden Compass ( His Dark Materials), A Song of Ice & Fire ( Game of Thrones), Treasure Island, The Last Unicorn, The Infernal Devices, Six of Crows, Eragon, Strange the Dreamer and Rage of Dragons.

Throw in a whole shelf dedicated to pirates (because why not!), a hobbit hut, swords, the Iron Throne, a Luna Moth, a Unicorn (possibly the last one to exist!) , a dragon, and even Peter Pan, flying past Big Ben's clock tower to get to the second star to the right (and straight on til morning!) and you have a great contender for possibly the best fantasy bookshelf there is! 

The perfect gift for any fantasy reader - one of a kind and absolutely stunning! A true collectors item.



The Fantasy Bookstack Pin

Pins are just the cutest - use them to adorn your tote bags (full of books, no doubt!), denim jackets, caps, lanyards, bags, purses, book sleeves, pin banners and boards, or simply to add cloud to your insta photos! The possibilites are endless!


The Fantasy bookstack pin is the thing adventures are made of.
A bookdragon has curled his way around his book stack, protecting it with a sword, while he reads intently (reading glasses included!), and breathes a puff of pink smoke with sparkles - pure contentment.



These items together make a great gift for any bookworm, after all, a matching set is always a must! 
Want all four bookmark & pins from the library collection? Check out the Ultimate Library Collection Set (Just £48.99 for ALL four!)





♥ 700gsm thick card
♥ Full colour faded print in a fun purple hue
♥ Adventure writing notes scrawled across the shelfie side
♥ Rose gold foiling to both front AND back
♥ Multi use - when not using as a bookmark, can be used to display the bookstack pin of it's same genre.



♥ 3.5 cm x 3.5cm - a really decent size where all features can be seen clearly
♥ Hard enamel pin
♥ Rose gold plating to metal
♥ Double rubber clutch to the back


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PLEASE NOTE : Please read care instructions above before making your purchase!

The Fantasy Set - Pin & Bookmark

  • ♥ Ensure not to bend your bookmark, store out of direct sunlight (the main culprit for colour fading!) and keep it dry.
    ♥ Avoid being rough - while our bookmarks are thick and sturdy, with a layer of laminate on top of the rose gold foiling, it is still possible to cause damage with rough handling
    ♥ If you choose to use as a display card, please not there WILL be holes in the bookmark - if you want to make them less noticeable press down on them gentle with your thumbnail, but do not scrape as this can cause the design to flake away. 
    We do not send the pins pierced into the bookmark, it is up to you if you wish to display them in this way and we take no responsibility for any damage that may be caused in the process.
    While the spine side was certainly designed to do this, it is optional.

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