The Dregs - Six of Crows pocket mirrors FULL SET

Six 76mm Pocket mirrors

The Dregs

Six of crows inspired full collection


💀 Dirtyhands
💀 The Wraith

💀 The Six Shooter

💀 The heartrender

💀 The Druskelle

💀 The Merchling


The Crow Club is recruiting - dare you become a member?

The Dregs run a tight operation in Ketterdam - nothing gets past the leader, Kaz Brekker, also known as Dirtyhands for his reputation of taking on any job for the right price.

Joind by Inej  - a wraith so light on her feet even Kaz can't hear her coming, who has a sharp skill with a dagger.

Jesper - a six shooting gambler who's pearl handled revolvers are as prized to him as his sarcastic wit.

Nina - a flirtatious Grisha who can slow your pulse with a thought.

Matthias - Ice cold and knowledgeable on the ice court.

And Wylan - a skilled chemist who's keen to learn


All different, all bringing something individual to the table, but together they are the Dregs - and you do not want to mess with them.



💀 76mm Pocket mirror 

💀 Pressed with high quality metal and glass

💀 Comes in a luxurious wine coloured velvet drawstring bag - can double up as a great pouch for your Kruge

💀 6 designs - one for each member of the Dregs! 

💀Fun fact - each design shows details of each character - and those who are closest in relationship to each merge in colour when sat side by side.

💀 Available as individuals for £3.99 each - or the full set for £20.99!

The Dregs - Six of Crows pocket mirrors FULL SET

  • Care for your pocket mirrors by ensuring you use them with the drawstring bag provided - keep them safe and hidden at all costs - you don't know who is watching!

    Avoid dropping them - they are glass, after all. 

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