Six of Crows pocket mirror - Matthias Helvar

76mm Pocket Mirror

Matthias Helvar

Six of crows inspired


Matthias Helvar - The Drüskelle


Matthias Helvar - ice cold and built for war.
Well, unless your name is Nina, of course.
Hailing  from Fjerda, Matthias was a former prisoner at Hellgate, but after being broken out by Kaz, and spending time with the Dregs, the ice began to thaw and Matthias found his true calling - and love.

Admire those chiseled features with Matthias' 76mm pocket mirror - showing a wolf design, after Matthias' companion named Trassel, meaning "troublemaker" in Fjerdan.  Snowflakes and an Ice cool colouring at the edges of the mirror bring this design together to encapsulate Matthias forever, along with his quote "The water hears and understands. The ice does not forgive."

“Wanden olstrum end kendesorum. Isen ne bejstrum."


💀 76mm Pocket mirror 

💀 Pressed with high quality metal and glass

💀 Comes in a luxurious wine coloured velvet drawstring bag - can double up as a great pouch for your Kruge

💀 6 designs - one for each member of the Dregs! 

💀Fun fact - Matthas and Nina's mirrors both have a blue tint on the edge - Nina's to one side, Matthias to both. Symbolising Nina's loyalty to the Dregs but also to Matthias.

💀 Get ALL SIX for £20.99 - see the full collection page


Six of Crows pocket mirror - Matthias Helvar

  • Care for your pocket mirrors by ensuring you use them with the drawstring bag provided - keep them safe and hidden at all costs - you don't know who is watching!

    Avoid dropping them - they are glass, after all. 

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