My sword, and my bow, and MY AXE  - The Fellowship full set

"You have my sword" - Aragorn

"...and you have my bow" - Legolas

"...AND MY AXE." - Gimli.


Possibly one of the most quoted lines from The Lord of the rings trilogy - and what a quote to capture the friendship between the King, the Elf and the Dwarf.
Aragorn - Brave, strong, fearless.
Legolas - Stealthy, gentle yet brave.

Gimli - A combination of both, encapsulated in a red haired bundle of "all guns blazing." - minus the gentle (but we know he is deep down!), and minus the stealth maybe.


Get the set  (Because how could you bear to separate them?!) and keep the fellowship strong with these intricate detailed bookmarks, double sided to show each characters weapon of choice, and their unique quote to the back.


Printed on heavy 300-350gsm unicorn white card made from recycled material, the finish on these is raw with a lovely sheen when they catch the light.


My sword, and my bow, and MY AXE - The Fellowship full set

  • To keep your bookmark in best condition, avoid bending, water or grease. Our bookmarks are designed to live firmly between the pages of your favourite literature, and are made from the same materials - treat with as much care as you do your books, and your bookmark will last and stay vibrant for a long time!

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