My Bow bookmark

"...And you have my bow."  - Legolas, The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the ring.


Legolas - gentle yet tough, wise yet humorous.
This design was inspired by the moment Frodo realises he has to bear the burden of taking the ring to Mordor, and Legolas joins by swearing his protection, just after Aragorn has sworn his.
The Bow pictured in the design, insired by Legolas' bow used in the films, depicts the bow and arrow to the front, with gold-coloured accents to the wood, and a subtle mint green intricate detailing in the background.
Complete with Legolas' quote - "And you have my bow..." to the back, along with a pattern surrounding reflective of Aragorn's crown, the Evenstar, Elvish elements and vines all in keeping with the style of the different regions combined of each character in this moment.

Printed on heavy unicorn white 300-350gsm stock, these bookmarks are made from recycled material and hold a lovely sheen to the finish - double sided with intricate design to both front and back.


All three fellowship bookmarks are available at a great saving price of £9.99 for the whole set! Because what is a fellowship, without good friends.
Check out The Fellowship Collection page to see more! 

My Bow bookmark

  • To keep your bookmark in best condition, avoid bending, water or grease. Our bookmarks are designed to live firmly between the pages of your favourite literature, and are made from the same materials - treat with as much care as you do your books, and your bookmark will last and stay vibrant for a long time!

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