Evenstar Bookmark

"Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars..."


The Evenstar sits on a starry night sky, with hand drawn special effects to make it appear as if it is glowing, with rainbow holographic foil on top to really give this design the wow-factor.

The scripture invented by J.R.R. Tolkien to the front of the bookmark surrounding the Evenstar literally translates to the quote on the back. 
The Evenstar itself symbolises love, hope and immortality and was given to Aragorn by Arwen in the famous work of literature The Lord of The Rings.


Whether you want to remind someone that they are magical, or simply need that reminder yourself - this Evenstar bookmark is for you! 

Life each other up, but also lift yourself up! Don't be afraid to walk your own path and shine like the star that you are. ✨



✨ 700gsm thick card

✨ Rainbow holographic foil that catches the light in magical ways

✨ Double sided design

✨ 52 x 148mm

✨ Available as part of the set - Save when you get all four of the To the moon & back collection for £16.99. 

Evenstar Bookmark

  • Avoid getting your bookmark wet, do not bend or be too rough - as thick as these babies are, they aren't invincible (as much as we wish they were!)
    While lamination has been put over the foil, over time some surface scratches to foil may occur due to wear and tear, but follow the above and your bookmarks will stay in tip top condition for a long time! 

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