Enchanted Staircase Bookmark

Keep an eye on the staircases...they like to change.

The enchanted staircases of Hogwarts are known not only for their ability to move, connecting different floors and hidden rooms of the castle, but also for their many picture frames... sometimes with hidden surprises.
It's also a frequent haunt for the house Ghosts - 

Nearly Headless Nick for Gryffindor

The Grey Lady for Ravenclaw

The Fat Friar for Hufflepuff

and The Bloody Baron for Slytherin


Each ghost has taken up residence on each floor of our bookmark, which will you run into? Careful you don't walk through them - they are ever so slightly transparent.


✨ Rose gold foiling to front

✨ Thick 700gsm card with silk finish to front

✨ Starry night sky background print to front and back

✨ "Keep an eye on the staircases, they like to change..." quote on the back, in the style of Tom Riddle's handwriting

✨ Available for individual purchase at £4.99 or as a set of all four "Darker Side of Hogwarts" bookmarks at £16.99

Enchanted Staircase Bookmark

  • Avoid getting your bookmark wet, do not bend or be too rough - as thick as these babies are, they aren't invincible (as much as we wish they were!)
    While lamination has been put over the foil, over time some surface scratches to foil may occur due to wear and tear, but follow the above and your bookmarks will stay in tip top condition for a long time! 

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