Athena Bookmark


Aristos Achaion - The best of the Greeks.


Athena inspired bookmark.


Athena - fearless, bold and ruthless. The Goddess of war and wisdom, daughter of Zeus. One of the twelve Olympians and patron Goddess of the city of Athens.

This gold foiled bookmark shows detailed elements of Athena that were woven into her story - from her armour, Medusa shield, and her owl - to the traditional Greek key design and pillars based on her temple, all finished with beautiful line work and a marble printed background flecked with gold - reflective of the colours associated with Athena -tones of gold, yellow, emerald green and bronze - you can see these colors in the Athena Parthenon in Athens!


✨ Super reflective gold foiling for a luxurious feel

✨A great warrior deserves a great, sturdy bookmark - Athena is presented on 700gsm card - the strongest!
✨Velvet Lamination to front, printed marble texture to back.

✨Part of the Aristos Achaion Collection - own the whole collection for £16.99!


Athena Bookmark

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