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Welcome to Riddle & Ravens - if you are reading this you're reading the first ever news update! (Go you!)

We are so happy to be here. Please take some time to look around the site and see what we have to offer - at the moment we are just getting things up and running, so PLEASE tell us of any broken links/ elves causing trouble and we'll deal with those right away!

So, a little bit about "us" (or, ME. As it is.) - that you won't find on the "About" page. ;) Being a huge literature fan, I am delighted to be able to combine my love of design and love of literature together to creature some truly bookish awesomeness for my favourite fiction, fandoms, and everything else in between! How it works is - the more I read, the more inspired I get, and as an established graphic designer with a love for all things illustration, books and the worlds that come with them, it's high time I tried something different, and ran with my crazy ideas of joining these world's together. It has been a dream to one day open my own online store dedicated to this ... and here we are.

At the moment you'll just find bookmarks (Of course I have to test the water and see if y'all like my designs first!) but in time I'm hoping to release more and expand on collections existing, and create new ones too. From notebooks, tote bags, tshirts - if I can design it and it works, then let's do it!

Please read the FAQ page - there's some important stuff there, but most importantly check out the collections and head over to the instagram page for any upcoming promotional codes! (Hint - we have one for our opening!) Thanks for reading,

and let the tomfoolery begin!

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