From the depths of literature comes inspiration - worlds and lands, heroes and villains, ambition and stories, comedy and tragedy and most of all...

adventure and magic!

From the pages of books, great ideas are born. 

Those who read go on many adventures in a lifetime - and I'm so thankful you are joining me on mine.

For you to be here, you must be a lover of books. Or more specifically, a book that has featured in some of my merchandise. You've gone on that adventure and a part of it has stayed with you...the part that leaves you thinking about that story, that has made you want to collect anything to do with it and become a part of that fandom. This, above, is the reason behind why I do what I do. 

When I read a book that leaves a lasting impression, it becomes a part of me and, through my other passion, and love in life, design, I want to share my creations inspired by those books, with you! 

Riddle & Ravens was born from the idea of being inspired and falling in love with literature.
Inspiration can be found everywhere, and for me, the place I find it the most is usually in the form of a hardback, paperback or e-book. 
Being from a town in South Wales, where myths and legends are a part of my heritage, the desire for adventure has always been present, and an outlet for that has always been found in a book - no matter what the situation in life.

All of what I do is thoughtfully curated - from what you see here on the website or my instagram account, to what goes on behind the scenes  - the reading, the designing, the choosing of print material, the photographs taken in my home studio which I set up and love every second of, is all done out of pure love and passion for the product created, and the book behind it, and wanting to deliver the best quality and most exciting merchandise to other book lovers the world over! 

With a sprinkle of tomfoolery along the way,

I can't ever promise that i'm not up to no good...

but I can promise you will love the end result!

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