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Riddle & Ravens was born during the summer of 2020 - during that lockdown.


Reading in the garden to pass the time, furloughed from the day job - this graphic designer found herself buried in books (which was nothing unusual) and with a lot of trapped creativity wanting to get out.

It was April 24th - St Marks Eve, and the first page of The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater had just been turned. Sometimes life throws us coincidences - and this was one of them. That same date appears on that first page and is very significant to the book.
Even more coincidental - a pair of Ravens had decided to call this garden their home for the past few weeks.
What could this all mean? Well, I don't know, but after realizing nothing quite inspires me like the stories that are found between the pages of novels, I decided to combine my two loves - Books and design, and this is where it all started.

Since then, Riddle & Ravens has grown and developed and is a part of a fantastic bookish community which I cannot imagine life without.


Riddle & Ravens - The name borrows influence from works of literature such as The Raven Boys, and a certain wizarding world character (we love a bad guy sometimes!) - but it also has a double meaning - Ravens are known for their intelligence, creativity, fun loving and free spirited nature - and are bold as brass. Long thought to be bad omens - they are actually just bringing a message, and certainly for me, that message needed to be heard.


IMG_20210813_143559 (2).jpg

Riddle & Ravens is inspired by great stories, dusty libraries, adventures found between the pages & that never ending TBR (to be read) pile we all need to get through.

We love detail, intricacy and bringing stories to life through our items.

We're all for tongue in cheek, a bit of fun and a lot of adventure!



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